About Porter Tours

Porter Tours is a travel company designed to inspire and create memories and experiences that will last you and your family a lifetime. Our hosts have extensive knowledge of the scriptures, doctrine, and religion.  Each tour and cruise is designed not only to be fun but educational touching hearts, minds and spirits.

The main focus of Porter Tours is to provide a Fun and Educational tour or Cruise.  Every adventure will provide discussions and education that will focus on scripture. Cruises that will have specific Sea Days, time and opportunities are provided for classes and discussions that are scripturally and doctrinally bassed for those who would like to participate. Each tour will also be fun and exciting as new sights, sounds and experiences are found every day and around every corner. Many who have traveled with us have stated that the educational portion was worth the cost of the trip alone.


Expert Travel Knowledge






Fun & Educational Focus

Porter Tours seeks to make each tour and trip most enjoyable and convenient.

We take only one bus that all may have the benefit of the guide and educator without participants feeling they have missed something.

Porter Tours does not try to be the biggest company, going the most places, with the most "special" educators, and the highest overhead. Because of our low overhead, we can and do offer the lowest 'cost per day'  tours (figure it out), with the best educators without shorting quality of hotels, food, safety, sites visited, education adn spiritual experiences.

  • All  Quality Hotels.

  • All land taxes, booking and entrance fees.

  • All Internal flights of the Tour. 

  • Accompanying Host and Educator: 

  • Educational lectures.

  • Expert English speaking Hosts and Guides

  • All transfers, buses, 

  • International Airfare is not included: However, We will help book your desired airfare and schedule.

Porter Tours Always Provides

Porter Tours Hosts

Bruce Porter

Bruce H. Porter has been traveling throughout the world since the mid-1970s. He served his mission in England and has done specialized research on scripture and ancient documents and hosting and guiding groups and tours through Europe, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean world.  Having worked on Church History projects in the United States, England, and Europe, he has been a guide and host in providing scripturally based tours of the Ancient World as well as Church History. He has worked in the major museums in Europe doing research that led him into ancient tombs, and sacred texts.

Bruce H. Porter earned his bachelor's degree in Ancient Near Eastern Studies from BYU and went on to receive his master's degree in Middle East Studies with an emphasis in Semitic languages and Ancient Religions.  His Graduate Work is in the field of the History of Religions, with an emphasis in Egyptian religion and textual studies, with a minor in Anthropology.


Having studied in Israel and the Middle-East, Brother Porter has done specialized scriptural research at the major museums of Europe. He has taught in the Seminary and Institute programs of the Church. He is a sought after lecturer, teacher, speaker, and guide.

Jeff  & Jeri Reid


Jeff Reid is a retired engineer/inventor from Intel Corporation. He served in the New England Mission. He has been a Gospel Doctrine teacher, an Institute teacher, and was in a YSA Bishopric. He has taught in the Mesa, Chandler, and Apache Junction school systems. He is currently a substitute teacher residing in Queen Creek Arizona. His wife Jeri has a Master of Social Work, and is a Medical Social Worker, providing end-of-life assistance for patients of an Arizona hospice organization. She has been a Relief Society president and served in the Primary and Young Women programs. 

A note about Jeff and Jeri, from Bruce Porter

Jeff is an exceptional teacher and is unparalleled in his ability to apply scriptures to everyday life and current issues. He can see beyond the black and white words on the pages likening the scriptures unto ourselves for the listeners' profit and learning.


I have known Jeff and Jeri for decades and cannot think of a better couple to be your hosts and guides. They are compassionate and caring to the detail and will do their best to make every trip and tour they host the best it can be. The spiritual insights that I have gained from them over thirty years ago still have a profound effect on my life.

I have stated in the past that there were multiple people that have helped me in my study of scripture. My grandmother, who read the Book of Mormon unceasingly in my youth, taught me to love the scriptures. A Mission President that taught me how to use the scriptures in teaching. Brother Nibley that taught me how to understand the scriptures and a teacher and friend of Social Work and Counseling taught me how to apply the scriptures. All of these elements; of loving the scriptures, teaching with the scriptures, understanding the scriptures, and applying the scriptures are found in the simple combination of Jeff and Jeri Reid.

Bruce Porter