Pre-Trip Preparations Check List

Begin packing 2 or 3 days prior to your trip

• The greatest stress to your vacation is the packing and lack of sleep the day before you leave.

• Pack and prepare everything ahead of time so you can relax and get a good night’s sleep before your vacation.

Use a packing list

• Use a packing check list to do your packing.

• Take the time to check everything you need off the list as you pack.


Contact bank and credit card companies

• Find out if your ATM cards will work where you are going.

• Let your credit card & debit card companies know which countries you could be using your cards in.

Leave valuables at home

• Leave expensive rings, watches and jewelry at home.

• Leave credit cards that you do not plan to use at home.

Safeguard your home

•Contact your neighbors and let them know you will be out of town. Ask them to keep an eye out for anything unusual.

• Check your doors and windows, secure the locks, set the alarms and set the timers to turn on lights while you are away.

• Make arrangements to have your lawn mowed and watered or driveways and walks shoveled.

• Setup vacation holds on your newspapers and mail (Mail holds can be done online).

• Look over your billing schedules to make sure all bills will be paid while you’re away.


• Be sure you have enough of your medications to last through the whole trip and a few days beyond.

Leave a copies of your itinerary, hotel list & cell phone numbers with...

• Your neighbors watching your home.

• Close family members.

• Work if necessary.

Prepare your personal travel pouch in advance with your…

• Passport

• E-ticket itinerary or paper tickets (if applicable).

• Cash, credit and debit cards for the trip.

• Travel insurance information (if purchased).

• Copies of the picture page of your passport & credit/debit cards, in case they are lost.

Weather for Your Trip

• Access Weather Channels website and enter the cities you plan to visit. If your trip is at a later date, you can also get the yearly averages here as well.

Prepare entertainment for down times

• Books to read. ( Bruce has written many books that may be purchased @ prior to your trip that would be a great insight to your educational journey)

• Games to play.

• Personal entertainment devices.

Enjoy your trip !