11 Nights - 12 Days!

Church History and Book of Mormon Study Tour

May 7 - May 18, 2018

The Birth of a Church and Nation

Trip includes the newly restored site on the Susquehanna River

Celebrating the Restoration of the Priesthood!



Day One

Monday, May 7 

Day One:  All arrive in Philadelphia meet at our hotel.


Philadelphia Pre-Tour


Day Two

Tuesday, May 8

Philadelphia - Scranton

This morning we will Tour Constitution Square where the Continental Congress, drafted, ratified and signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. We will visit the Liberty Bell Visitor Center and visit the Ben Franklin home. We will then have lunch at the famous Reading Station and walk the few blocks to the Masonic Temple. In this museum, we can see the Masonic Apron of George Washington and have a tour of the different Initiation Rooms decorated with the famous temples of the ancient world.  Here we will see the pattern of the Assembly Rooms found in modern LDS Temples today. This afternoon we will travel to Scranton for the night.



Day Three

Wednesday, May 9

SUSQUEHANNA Priesthood Restoration Site - PALMYRA

An early day will get us to two important Church History sites and what better place to start our tour than at the NEWLY restored site of the restoration of the Priesthood.  We see the place where Joseph and Emma Smith lived from 1827 to 1830 and where much of the Book of Mormon was translated, the restoration of Baptism and other key events and doctrines of the gospel’s restoration occurred.

Later we continue to the Whitmer Farm where the Church was organized in 1930 and then on to our hotel near Palmyra NY,  (B)



Day Four

Thursday, May 10


This is where 14-year-old  Joseph Smith, became serious about following God’s teachings, found a quiet spot in a grove of trees near his home and prayed for answers to many of the perplexing spiritual questions of 1820. Today will be a full day visiting all the Church History sites in the Palmyra area including:  The Joseph Smith Sr. Home, The Sacred Grove, The Hill Cumorah, The Grandin Press (where the first Book of Mormon was published).  (B)



Day Five

Friday, May 11


This morning we will head to Kirtland Ohio.  We are going to make a small detour the Saints probably didn't take and visit the majestic Niagara Falls (In the Algonquin Indian language meaning "Narrow Neck").   Leaving Niagara Falls we should arrive in Kirtland early enough to visit the Kirtland Temple and Historic Kirtland and tour the grounds with the missionaries. We will overnight in the Mentor area. (B)



Day Six

Saturday, May 12


Nestled along the east branch of the Chagrin River, Kirtland served as the organizational headquarters of the infant Church from 1831 until 1838. Membership grew from a handful of members to well over 2,000 before persecution and the financial upheaval of the times forced the Saints to move on to western settlements in Missouri and Illinois.


Today will be a full day of visiting the remaining Church History sites around the Kirtland area. We will begin the day with a visit to  The Isaac Morley Farm and talk about the restoration of the priesthood and organization of the administrative duties of the new Church.  Before we travel on to Columbus we will visit The John Johnson Farm where Joseph Smith received some of the most important revelations that relate to the restoration of the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ. The afternoon will find us at the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum in Coshocton, Ohio as we begin a study of the Nephite and Lamanite evidence in this area. The Johnson-Humrickhouse that houses the famous "Holy Stones" found in a Hopewell mound near Newark, Ohio inscribed with ancient Hebrew writings that indicates an ancient North American connection to the Biblical world. Next, we will visit the Great Circle in Newark, Ohio. This area is the most extensive monumental earthworks in the world built by the Hopewell Civilization and dating between 500 BC and 400 AD, during the peace following Christ's visit. Scientists have recently discovered embedded astronomical alignments demonstrating a highly advanced civilization. We will spend the night in the Columbus area. (B)



Day Seven

Sunday, May 13


This morning we depart Columbus and drive south and west. We will visit some of the Hopewell cultural sites today that will include Mound City and the visitor center and grounds we will travel to Fort Ancient and see the fortifications that were constructed exactly as described in the Book of Mormon.  The dates of the Hopewell culture in the United States, according to non-LDS archaeologists and anthropologists, dates from 500 B.C. to 400 A.D. Following our visits to these sites we will travel on to Indianapolis for the Night with some great discussions on the bus about Joseph Smith's statements about the setting for the Book of Mormon. (B)



Day Eight

Monday, May 14


Then we will journey "over the plains of the Nephites" as described by Joseph Smith writing to his wife Emma while on Zion's Camp march when he declared "we are wandering over the plains of the Nephites". Our first stop this morning will be Dixon Mounds Museum one of the best museums about the Hopewell culture. After a visit there we will continue on to Carthage Il.  At the Carthage Jail, the missionaries will rehearse the events that led up to the deaths of the Prophet Joseph and his faithful brother and Patriarch to the Church Hyrum.  From Carthage, we will continue to Keokuk for dinner and overnight. (B)



Day Nine

Tuesday, May 15


The Mississippi River provided a useful economy for the ravaged and well-traveled early members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After Church members were forced from Ohio and Missouri, they settled in Commerce, Illinois — a swampy bend of the Mississippi River. The city was renamed Nauvoo in October 1839, deriving its name from a Hebrew word meaning something pleasant or beautiful, or a place of rest and beauty. The Church’s founder, Joseph Smith, selected the swampy spot on a bend in the river as yet another stopover for the beleaguered converts to the faith.


That settlement, built to a thriving city in less than four years and abandoned in six, now serves as a connection to that industrious past, a reminder of the dedication and hard work that contributed to Nauvoo’s religious and economic success.


“Historic Nauvoo, along with the magnificent Nauvoo Temple, represents the culmination of the mission of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

We will overnight in Keokuk. (B)


Today like the past, the Nauvoo Temple stands majestically on a bluff symbolically facing the west. You will go back in time in "Old Nauvoo" and see the Nauvoo Mansion, beautiful homes, blacksmith shop, Browning gun shop and walk the Trail of Hope experienced by the saints as they bid farewell to Nauvoo.  At the end of the trail of hope, we will look across the Mississippi and view the City of Zarahemla as indicated by the Lord in D&C 125:3.   A temple session s for the group will be available this morning. (Clothing available for rent at the temple). Our day in Historic Nauvoo will end with dinner and entertainment as we will watch the missionary play "Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo"  then on to our hotel for the night.



Day Ten

Wednesday, May 16  


Today we board our bus for Adam-ondi-Ahman.  On our way, we will stop at Mount Pisgah. This was a Mormon way station from 1846 to 1852, at its height Mount Pisgah had over 2,000 inhabitants and was a semi-permanent camp for the benefit of Mormons who followed the Pioneer Company  We will meet Farmer Brown who will take us on a brief tour of the historical site and wagon roads.  Mr. Brown will show the layout of the settlement, cabins and dugout home-sites near the spring riding on the old wagon roads that the saints used to travel west to the Salt Lake Valley.    This afternoon we will then make our way to the Liberty area for our hotel and dinner. (B)



Day Eleven

Thursday, May 17


This morning we will travel to and visit Adam-Ondi-Ahman, mentioned in D&C 107 and discuss the events that happened in the past and those that will happen in the future as outlined in prophecies found in scripture and prophetic utterances.  after lunch, we will visit the site of Far West and the temple site and then make our way to the Visitor's Center in Independence MO.  We will overnight near Independence. (B)



Day Twelve

Friday, May 18

INDEPENDENCE/LIBERTY/Travel Home from Kansas City

This morning we will leave Independence for Liberty.  Here we will visit the Liberty Jail before lunch and departing for to the airport for our journey home.  If you are scheduling your own flight home, it should be for a departure after 2 pm. (B)


Independence is the hometown of the 33rd president of the United States, Harry S. Truman, but also home to the sixth governor of Missouri, Lilburn Boggs. Boggs is notorious for his personal anti-Mormon sentiment that set in motion the infamous Missouri Executive Order 44, or “extermination order,” that forced hundreds of Mormons to abandon their homes and flee the state in the dead of winter to save their lives.  For this reason, the saints when leaving Nauvoo they had to travel a more northerly route through Iowa avoiding the extermination order issued by Governor Boggs.


Perhaps some of the most trying days for the Prophet Joseph Smith were in 1838 after Governor Boggs signed the extermination order to expel the Saints from Missouri. The Prophet and five other men, including Joseph’s brother Hyrum, were falsely arrested and imprisoned in the Liberty Jail, located some 13 miles north of Independence.


The Prophet Joseph was probably at the lowest point in his life personally, as a religious leader, as a father, and as a husband because he was imprisoned in the jail, living in horrific conditions for a little more than four months, while his family and the saints that he loved so much were suffering, and there was nothing he could do about it.


After visiting Liberty we will depart for the Kansas City Airport. Schedule flight from Kansas City (MCI) after 2 pm


There will be Gospel, Scriptural and Church History discussions on the bus between the sites and at the hotels. So write down your questions and have scriptures available on your pads and phones.  Many say these discussions alone are worth the cost of the trip.



Double Package Price:

$2198.00 per person Double Occupancy

Single Package Price:

$2899.00 Single Occupancy


Deposit: $800.00 per person

Balance Due : 60 days before travel


Prices are per person. Does not include airfare to and from the trip nor driver tips


Costs excluded from the price of the tour:

·      Airfare

·      All Lunches and dinners, (Breakfasts included at the hotels) and we will stop at places with multiple choices for all other meals)

·      Tips for the bus driver (abt. $5.00 per day per person paid at end of tour)

·      All other 'grits, grins, goodies and grogs.' Lunches and Dinners